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Servo Motor Cost


Mishuo(CNCSERVOCONTROL.COM) Servo Motor is considered one of the more expensive motors when compared to AC, Brushless, DC, Stepper, and other motor types. The reason for the expense of a Servo Motor is the precision required to make a Servo Motor, and the added components that go along with a Servo Motor. Generally speaking, a Servo Motor is intended to be used as a precise positioning or speed control device. The motion should be smooth and very precise. To accomplish these features, the Servo Motor is manufactured under very tight control parameters. In addition to the cost of the Servo Motor are the case, bearings, connectors, and feedback devices. The case is usually industrial grade, often sealed to achieve an IP65 rating or better. The bearings are high quality to ensure that the Servo Motor can run the speeds desired and can handle the appropriate axial and radial loads. The connectors are typically mil-style connectors that can be detached at the Servo Motor, but are very reliable and industrial grade. The feedback devices are typically differential encoders and or resolvers. These devices are very expensive and add cost to the Servo Motor.
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