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New listing: 80ST-M04030 4N.M 3000rp
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Promotions: 80ST-M04025 4N.M 1.0KW 2
Promotions:180ST-M19015 19N.M 3.0KW 
Promotions:130ST-M15015 2.3KW 15N.M
Promotions:60ST-M01930 1.91N.M 0.6KW
Promotions:110ST-M06030 1.8KW 6N.m
Promotions:80ST-M02430 2.39N.M 750W
Promotions:90ST-M02430 2.4N.M 750W
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General purpose servo motors

CNCSERVOCONTROL servo motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors,the main features: ultra energy-saving,low noise and low temperature rise,high response and accuracy.With low rotary inertia,high torque.                                 See more

High-performance Servo Drives

CNCSERVOCONTROL drives adopt the special digital processing DSP of motor and the newest IGBT module, which have the advantages of fast dynamic response, high reliability, complete function and convenient operation.        See more
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