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Servo Motor Customization


Mishuo's(CNCSERVOCONTROL.COM) standard Servo Motor product line is a cost-effective solution; they are known for their rugged construction and excellent performance. This is a result of dedicated engineering, friendly customer service and professional application assistance, often surpassing the customer's expectations for fulfilling their custom requirements.

To make customization of a Servo Motor affordable, a minimum quantity and/or a Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fee is required. Contact the factory for details, should you require a custom Servo Motor in your design.

All Sales for a customized or modified Servo Motor are Non-Cancelable-Non-Returnable, and a NCNR Agreement must be signed by the customer, per each request. All Sales, including a customized Servo Motor, are made pursuant to Mishuo's(CNCSERVOCONTROL.COM) standard Terms and Conditions, and are in lieu of any other expressed or implied terms, including but not limited to any implied warranties.
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